Collection: Pregnancy Skincare

🤰🏽Are you pregnant and want some good nourishing top quality luxury Skincare Products? Biblically Beautiful Skincare products are formulated WITHOUT all the toxic junk ingredients in it! Safe for ALL skin types including women who are pregnant🥰

🩷Our bodies have these tiny holes on our skin called pores. Did you know that everything you put on your skin can get inside your pores and make its way into your blood stream??? Imagine putting skincare products that are made poorly and made with toxic ingredients that can cause disruption in your body, which include all your organs…. Using poor quality skincare products can cause sickness and illnesses like cancer, hormone disruption, infertility issues, sensitivity and irritation to the skin, eczema, dryness, redness, blotches, hyperpigmentation, acne, dermatitis, inflammation and soooooo much😮‍💨.

💕Our skincare products are formulated with plant based ingredients, love, and prayers 🙏🏽

➡️BODY SCRUB: Helps get rid of old/dead skin cells on your belly, so your skin can create NEW skin cells and help other skincare products to penetrate the skin better.
➡️BODY BUTTER: Our tripled buttered body butter will give your growing belly that EXTRA tender, love and care it needs. Extra moisture and extra hydration.
➡️BODY OIL: Our Body Oil is made with oils that help to be better effective while your belly is growing and it will help to seal in the moisture.